2/20/2011 - Race Report for TBF MTB Challenge by Brad Basford

We I've done this race a few times in the past two years and it rides great with rainy weather. The 30-39 novice group was pretty small about 9 riders. My goal from the start was to get out strong and get past some of the slower traffic before the single track started. Ended up getting a great start and was pretty much by myself by the time I got to the single track.  My buddy Mark was not too far behind me. At this point my goal was to catch up and pass as many riders as I could that started before our group. About halfway through the second lap I crashed really hard on a rocky portion of the sinlge track, banged my knee up pretty good. With the adrenaline pumping i jumped right up and got back on the bike, luckily didn't lose any time. For the rest of the of the second lap I rode by myself to the finsh. All in all great day for a bike race.